ART – Absolute Revolutionary Tool

Selected Artworks 2009

In The Service Of Nature (Bakti Alam), Oil on canvas, 150 x 198cm

This painting depicts a warrior defending the earth from the ravages of deforestation and the excesses of the mining industry.  The figure is wearing a leaf mask similar to those made by children living in rural Java and represents his connection to the natural world.  The painting depicts the overthrow of the destructive forces and the regeneration of the natural environment.

Aggressor vs Defender (Penyerang vs Pembela), ballpoint (biro) on canvas, 186 x 86 cm

This drawing explores the conflict between the industrial world and the natural world.  It shows the strength and vitality of the natural world and the peoples and cultures who fight to defend and protect our natural environment against the destructive forces of industrialisation, power and greed.

Big Head Fat Belly, Oil on canvas, 150 x 198 cm

Leaving Wounded Land (Meninggalkan Tanah Terluka), Oil on canvas, 150 x 198 cm


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