ART – Absolute Revolutionary Tool

Selected Artworks 2010

Singing Freedom Song. oil on canvas. 150 x 198 cm.

This painting shows an indigenous West Papuan freedom fighter who is singing a song for freedom in his country.  West Papua was invaded and occupied by Indonesian military forces in 1963 and since this time the citizens of West Papua have been subject to countless cases of human rights abuses at the hands of the Indonesian military.  The occupying forces have also been responsible for the selling off of West Papua’s natural resources resulting in widespread destruction of their traditional lands

Chase The Devil. biro on paper, masonite, wire, metal and bamboo. 150 x 40 cm

These wayang puppets show grassroots people chasing a business man clutching his profits.  The people are demanding that the boss take responsibility for the industrial waste that his factories are causing.  The animal heads he is throwing off as he runs symbolise the many ugly faces he wears, the many ugly aspects of his greedy nature.

Food Not War. oil on canvas. 80 x 65 cm.

Soldier Thinks (Tentara Pikir), biro on paper,40 x 30 cm

The Weight of The Dead (Menyunggi Kematian), biro on paper,40 x 30 cm


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